Nick Cesario-Musician and Educator


My name is Nick Cesario. I am 18 years old and Music is my life! I have been playing the drums since I was 7 years old. I have been in countless amounts of musical groups and I plan to pursue a musical career for the rest of my life! When I play the drums, I tend to think about the music much more then just hitting drums! Some drummers are caught up on being impressive to other drummers, rather than complimenting the music. When I perform with a band, my job is to add the most I can to make songs sound excellent! I feel the music throughout my whole body and play my heart out on every performance I do! When performing, I am spot on the beat, and I provide only the most complimenting rhythms to the music. I practice hours daily on things like having an exceptional feel or maintaining a rock-solid tempo when playing with other musicians. I will always strive to constantly improve and be the best I can possibly be!

Nick 1

I am currently at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, studying Music Instrumental Performance. When I graduate, I will have a bachelor in music performance, and a master’s degree in music education. I love teaching music just as much as performing. I could teach a lot of drummers how to be successful in playing the drum set! I am well-educated, disciplined, and passionate about what I do. I plan on being a professional musician and educator before the age of 25 and make a difference in the lives of young musicians! Please contact me at if you are looking for drum lessons, or a drummer for a gigging band!

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