The Kevin Segal Story

IMG_0688This is me.

My name is Kevin Segal and I am currently a 20-year-old musician studying music-business in the city of Philadelphia. I am what many would call the “dad-type,” always quick with a terrible, eye-rolling pun, always wearing white sneakers, and always listening to classic rock. But as everything does, that had to start somewhere…

At a very early age, I was introduced to comedy television. I do not remember a time before the Simpsons, Mad TV, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, or King of the Hill. My family and I used to sit around and laugh for hours, and sometimes still do. I blame this for my goofball sense of humor.


Sometimes, you do not realize how important an event is until you look back. That is the case for what I consider to be two of the most important events in my life. The first is when my sister introduced me to the Beatles Number One album. From the first time I heard it in the fourth grade, I was hooked. I was obsessed with the way the music was constructed. It just consumed me. Even now, about a decade later, the Beatles still inspire me more than any other music act.

The second event was when my mom brought home a not-so-great electric organ for the living room. I don’t know what it was, but I had to learn how to play it. I would teach myself melodies by ear for hours a day. This led to me teaching myself many different instruments, which has led to a life full of and revolving around music. Chances are the course of my life would have been much different without the Beatles and that electric organ.

High school is really where the music began to take off for me. I was fortunate enough to have two music teachers who have been huge mentors to me. Both inspired me to push myself as a musician, learn new things, explore other genres, and blossom into the musician I am today. Much like the Beatles and the electric organ, the outcomes of my life my have been vastly different had it not been for them. uarts-logo
As of now, I am earning a Bachelor’s in Science in Music-Business,
Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I hope to someday work on “both sides of the glass,” having not only the knowledge and ability to play and record, but also to produce and manage.

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