Christina Lauria is a dancer/choreographer, storyteller, and human being from Roanoke, Virginia. She is currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she attends the University Of The Arts as a dance major.(

 She strives to use dance as a platform to help others see the beauty and worth in themselves. She uses dance as a way to express her most significant emotions and experiences, as words do not always suffice, and all people can read movement. Lauria enjoys studying and performing all types of dance ranging from classical ballet to tap and hip hop. 
 Lauria trained in Virginia at The Dance Centre of Southwest Virginia. She has also been a member of the Tremaine National Performance Program for several years under the direction of Mr. Joe Tremaine. 
Lauria is currently traveling on the “Love Conquers All” tour nationwide with Dance Makers Inc. ( as a member of The Collective. She assists in class and performs in pieces of nationally accredited choreographers. This elite company of ten dancers works to inspire young people (themselves included) to be the best version of themselves through dance.
You can keep to date with Lauria through her instagram:
and contact her at





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